Down The Hatch….Candlewood Lake

by admin on February 23, 2012

It’s getting late on the lake and everybody aboard is starting to feel hungry, we all vote and it’s unanimous, we pull the anchor and head off to Down The Hatch , as we approach the docks we realize it might be a long wait but just as we idle along the inside row of slips, someone starts to untie and waves us into a nice slip near the waterfront dining area. The band is rather loud and the bar is a bit rowdy but still we are all most happy to be among all the activity. We are all surprised to get a table immediately and everybody knows what they want so the burgers, fries, fried clams, turkey wrap and pitcher of cool beer all arrive with-in about 15 minutes. Wow what a lovely evening, good food, great company and beautiful water views, as we walk back to the boat the sunset is the perfect ending for another day on Candlewood

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