Donzi “Sweet Sixteen” On Candlewood Lake

by admin on February 29, 2012

I still remember the day I saw my first Donzi Sweet Sixteen.  No, this is not one of those lifelong-pursuit of-a-dream stories, unlike many Donzi lovers, I had never ridden in one as a kid and frankly I did not know much about Donzi boats (shameful to admit, I know).  I was however, in the market for a boat and on that particular day, I was with clients on a dock at Candlewood Lake  expounding on the great waterfront location, and the fantastic views that this particular home on the waterfront offered.  As I looked out across the lake my eye caught the graceful shape of a boat as it effortlessly glided upon the water.  It was a smaller boat, but its two passengers sat comfortably and in perfect proportion. The lines of the boat were simple but classic and at speed the boat seemed to skim just above the water.

As we all now looked, the boat made a decisive and effortless turn and began to head towards us.   It’s symmetrical “V” shaped bow cut through the water and as it began to slow down it sank deep.  In 1964 Don Aronow introduced the world to the first sweet sixteen, or the “ski-sporter” as the model was first known.  Born of a pedigree of ocean racing the 16 was so ahead of it’s time that the hull design has not been improved-on and is still relevant today, providing a smoother (and some would argue classier) ride than many modern boats.

The 16 has gone through a number of updates, mostly in the engine department. The passenger layout is the same as it was originally with the exception of switching the helm from port to starboard.  The 16  is also found in 18 feet and 22 feet varieties, each with a passionate group of owners that defend the virtues of their particular model. I watched that 16 chug right past us, a deep throaty sound coming from its dual exhaust, and dock at the waterfront home next to the one we were at. At this point I realized a couple of things;  1) I had stopped talking 2) my jaw was on the floor  3) I was completely fixated on this boat (Shiny white hull, dark blue racing stripe running down it’s center) and 4) I knew what kind of boat I was going to get!

I did snap back to reality, cleared my throat and composed myself as my client raised his eyebrow at me… But would you know it, keep an eye out on the water and you just might see me pass by…shiny white donzi red racing stripe down the center, floating over the water..

Kevin Donovan Realtor…..Waterfront Specialist….Advanced Real Estate

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