Thimble Island Cruise….Long Island Sound

by admin on October 12, 2012

Is it time for a Thimble Island cruise?

The 45 minute or  two hour cruise among what used to be the tops of mountains, is a wonderful way to spend an fall day.  The Islands are located of the Branford coast, and the ‘Sea Mist’ is a great way to take in the autumn foliage, spott a Seal, or hope to stumble upon Captain Kidd’s long lost pirate treasure.

A number of the Islands that you will cruise past are for sale, anything from a small half acre Island to and old hotel island can be yours;   This waterfront home on Pot Island, is a wonderful Victorian styled home that sits on the Western end of the Island.  Click on the picture below to see additional information:


There are a couple of options for the tour, you can just wander around, there is a dinner option, or you can have a private charter.

Visit the link below for more details and information:



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