Stratford Harbor

by admin on March 10, 2013

Stratford Harbor   click here to view ptoto tour  From the mouth of the Housatonic River in Stratford to Derby is about a 12 mile cruise and can be done in a yacht or a kayak. Once you pass the breakwater and get into the large open harbor, you are well protected from wind and waves and you have many choices of marinas and waterfront restaurants to enjoy.  If you have a larger boat you do have to deal with the route 1 drawbridge and the railroad drawbridge but that’s just part of most any river cruise. If you visit the river in the fall, you just might be able to catch River Lights , another lovely diversion is a visit to Great Meadows Marsh Park  or if you are more interested in beaches, then its off to Long Beach  When its time to eat, you might want to enjoy waterfront dining at Outriggers or maybe the beachfront Roadway Inn  or possibly Assaggio Ristorante  The list of marina’s is a bit long but here we go Brewers , Marina At The Dock , Browns Boat Works , Housatonic Marina , Pauls Diesel Service , Pootatuck Yacht Club and Knapps Landing at the mouth of the river. If you happen to be around the river, on Memorial Day, you really should catch the air show at the Sikorsky Airfield.

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