Things You Should Know….. Before Buying Your Lakefront Home

by admin on February 12, 2014

frost-valley-ymca-boating-kids-42You already decided to be on the water…but which part of lake should you be on? Believe it or not, your lakefront experience can vary from one house to the other. Besides the home’s orientation, there are other factors that will impact your decision:

Coves;  Coves can be that quiet retreat you have been looking for but depending on the wind direction, coves can be a catch all for floating weeds.

Open Lake Areas;  Can provide very dramatic views but wind and faster boat movements may cause more wave action than you want for swimming and motion on your dock, you might even want or need a boat lift, to protect you boat

Depth of water;  Shallow water may not provide the recreational activities you desire.

Make-up of bottom;   Gravel, muck, sand, weeds…know the impact this will have on your lifestyle.

Dock restrictions; Check with us, the local authority or neighbors for permit requirements and restrictions.

Non-native plants; Concentrations in front of your home will impact your enjoyment.

Boat traffic patterns; Understand frequency and distance from the home.

Buying in the Winter;  Be aware of the time of year you are buying the home because lakes change tremendously throughout the year.  Your swimming area may look fine in early spring, but then by midsummer it is filled with nuisance weeds.  Be sure to talk through all this with us, the local authority, Town Offices, and/or the neighbors until you are completely satisfied.

Lake View ; Lots of folks ask for a waterfront with western view’s and they can be just beautiful but the western view can be rather hot in the summer and sometimes almost blinding from the reflection off the water, when you are out enjoying your waterfront patio or dock area.

Can You Make Changes; Can you change landscaping, can you expand the dock, can you construct a waterfront gazebo, can you add a swim float, how many watercraft can I have, can you create a sandy beach, can you expand the size of the house…. All good things to know before you buy

Lake Associations;  lake living is just wonderful and Lake Associations can add dramatically to your lake living life style with amenities like, tennis, clubhouse’s, adult and children’s social activities, beaches, marinas, pools and a general ambiance of waterfront character.


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