Waterfront Homes….. The Mosquito Myth

by admin on February 15, 2014

The Mosquito Myth….. mosquito.jpgThis questions asked quite often: Aren’t lakes and waterfront homes in general, a breeding ground for mosquitoes? Let’s clear up some facts… There are four stages in the life cycle of a mosquito: egg, larva, and pupae must have standing water to complete their development.  The type of standing water, however, varies greatly. Some species prefer to develop in permanent water sources such as marshes, waste lagoons, and catch basins. Other species prefer the water that collects in tree holes, tires, cans, or other artificial containers.  Still others develop; in temporary pools of rainwater. The water source must be “stagnant” and protected from the wind.

Most lakes and waterfront areas in general we are referencing today would not be able to support mosquito life. Also, on any decent sized body of water, there is almost always a breeze coming off the water that helps keep mosquitoes away. You will certainly still have mosquitoes, but you will have less than your neighbor across the street whose house is tucked in the woods. Our favorite example is Candlewood Lake and the bottom line is, we have never, in 25+ years on and around the lake, been bitten by one of those pesky bugs. Pretty much the same story for Lillinonah, Zoar, Bantam etc and the shore line of Long Island Sound most always has a nice breeze, so bye, bye Mr and Mrs Mosquito.

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