American Pie and Candlewood Lake

by admin on July 6, 2014

American PieHere’s the dream and I think it can be done…. let’s say you are out on the lake cruising and you decide  you want to enjoy a nice lunch, something more than the usual boat picnic food. What better place than  American Pie in Sherman, so how do you get there by boat… cruise into Sherman harbor and beg or borrow a slip by the town park (yeah yeah I know that could be a problem) once you find a spot for your boat just ask around for the location of the nature trail and now comes the adventure part, you follow the nature trail to the little shopping center where American Pie is located. We have yet to try this adventure, so if any of our readers have, do let us know. We have ventured into Sherman harbor many times and it’s just lovely. We have also enjoyed many wonderful breakfasts and lunches at American Pie, well worth a trip, just ask any of the locals.

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