Lake Zoar… The Hidden Gem …. Seen but not seen

by admin on September 6, 2014

Lake Zoar .... Newtown

So many people think they have seen Lake Zoar but mostly they have only seen the few sections of the dammed up Housatonic River that look like a regular rambling river. To be sure, Lake Zoar is a manmade lake, that was created by a dam on the Housatonic River and the northern part of the lake looks pretty much like just another Connecticut River. That’s the section of the lake that most people have seen, because you can drive along sections of it and that’s where many of the lakes waterfront homes are, but now comes the good part, about 80% of the shoreline in the southern part of the lake is virgin forest with few homes and the lake just gets wider and wider as you go south, much more like a traditional lake and just beautiful for cruising, water sports or just cruise into a cove and chill. The lake is about 12 miles long so it’s plenty big enough to find a quiet spot. You can even take your crew to the Lake Zoar Drive In for a burger. Another big plus for Zoar is the great waterfront home values on the lake, it’s pretty easy to find a basic cottage style waterfront in the $200,000’s and some very lovely grander waterfronts with very level waterfronts in the $600,000, similar waterfront homes on nearby lakes can be well over $1,000,000

To view a photo tour of Lake Zoar click here 

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