Lake Zoar …. is it a lake or a river

by admin on March 13, 2016


Lake Zoar… is it a Lake or is it a river. If you see the north end of the lake, as most people do, you will probably say it’s a river, but you might well change your view if you got in a boat and journeyed to the southern part of the lake. The problem is most people never do that, they just drive around the northern section accessible by car, such as the Glen Road steel bridge in the Sandy Hook section of Newtown or maybe they have only seen the lake when they go over the I-84 bridge. Lake Zoar was created by damming a section of the Housatonic River, so the area nearer the dam is much more like a traditional lake and really unique for western Connecticut, as almost 80% of the shoreline is beautiful virgin forest. Besides the natural beauty of the lake a big attraction is how unknown it is by folks outside Connecticut and so it’s still rather inexpensive, compared to the much more known Candlewood.   click to view homes for sale on Lake Zoar    click here for photo tour of Lake Zoar

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