Lake Zoar …. is it a lake or a river

by admin on March 13, 2016


Lake Zoar… is it a Lake or is it a river. If you see the north end of the lake, as most people do, you will probably say it’s a river, but you might well change your view if you got in a boat and journeyed to the southern part of the lake. The problem is most people never do that, they just drive around the northern section accessible by car, such as the Glen Road steel bridge in the Sandy Hook section of Newtown or maybe they have only seen the lake when they go over the I-84 bridge. Lake Zoar was created by damming a section of the Housatonic River, so the area nearer the dam is much more like a traditional lake and really unique for western Connecticut, as almost 80% of the shoreline is beautiful virgin forest. Besides the natural beauty of the lake a big attraction is how unknown it is by folks outside Connecticut and so it’s still rather inexpensive, compared to the much more known Candlewood.   click to view homes for sale on Lake Zoar    click here for photo tour of Lake Zoar


Candlewood Lake…. Get Lost

by admin on July 31, 2015

Candlewood Lake

This beautiful lake calls you to get in a boat and get lost and getting lost really is possible on this wonderful lake. With more than 60 miles of varied shoreline, 2 major bays, 4 extended fingers, quiet coves galore and many islands to explore. With dramatic vistas of the Berkshire foothills and 1000’s of acres of undeveloped land, it’s easy to find a quiet spot to just drop the anchor and chill or maybe take a house cruise…. It’s really fun to just cruise past all the beautiful waterfront homes and dream about which one could be yours… or maybe it’s time to go to your favorite hidden swim spot have swim, a snack and a nape.

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Lake Zoar Waterfront

by admin on March 20, 2015

Fish Rock Road...Lake Zoar

Lake Zoar Waterfront  $390,000 click here to view details

Shortly after Lake Zoar was created in 1929, people started building small charming bungalow style waterfront retreats along the shores of this beautiful lake. This home is one of those charming waterfronts but it has been expanded and remodeled with modern conveniences. Its funny how popular Lake Zoar was is the 1930’s to 1950”s compared to nearby and larger Candlewood Lake, then Zoar kind of went off the radar for decades and only recently has it been rediscoved from the shadow of Candlewood. Anyway, if you are searching for a great waterfront value, you might want to take a long hard look at Lake Zoar and especially this wonderful waterfront home.


Lake Zoar .... Newtown

So many people think they have seen Lake Zoar but mostly they have only seen the few sections of the dammed up Housatonic River that look like a regular rambling river. To be sure, Lake Zoar is a manmade lake, that was created by a dam on the Housatonic River and the northern part of the lake looks pretty much like just another Connecticut River. That’s the section of the lake that most people have seen, because you can drive along sections of it and that’s where many of the lakes waterfront homes are, but now comes the good part, about 80% of the shoreline in the southern part of the lake is virgin forest with few homes and the lake just gets wider and wider as you go south, much more like a traditional lake and just beautiful for cruising, water sports or just cruise into a cove and chill. The lake is about 12 miles long so it’s plenty big enough to find a quiet spot. You can even take your crew to the Lake Zoar Drive In for a burger. Another big plus for Zoar is the great waterfront home values on the lake, it’s pretty easy to find a basic cottage style waterfront in the $200,000’s and some very lovely grander waterfronts with very level waterfronts in the $600,000, similar waterfront homes on nearby lakes can be well over $1,000,000

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American Pie and Candlewood Lake

by admin on July 6, 2014

American PieHere’s the dream and I think it can be done…. let’s say you are out on the lake cruising and you decide  you want to enjoy a nice lunch, something more than the usual boat picnic food. What better place than  American Pie in Sherman, so how do you get there by boat… cruise into Sherman harbor and beg or borrow a slip by the town park (yeah yeah I know that could be a problem) once you find a spot for your boat just ask around for the location of the nature trail and now comes the adventure part, you follow the nature trail to the little shopping center where American Pie is located. We have yet to try this adventure, so if any of our readers have, do let us know. We have ventured into Sherman harbor many times and it’s just lovely. We have also enjoyed many wonderful breakfasts and lunches at American Pie, well worth a trip, just ask any of the locals.


Candlewood Lake

It was a beautiful spring day and Kevin, one of our waterfront agents was recently showing homes on Candlewood Lake and the son of his customers decided to bring along his drone, following is the video he put together after he flew his drone around all day click here to view video



Candlewood Lake Cottage

When the economy was exploding in the early 2000s, many of us began to dream about purchasing that vacation home on the water or securing a home in a more appropriate location for our retirement years. However, with the booming economy came skyrocketing house prices. Many of the homes we fell in love with quickly became out of reach financially. Perhaps we should take a second look at these same homes today.

With prices dropping by over 30% in some markets and with interest rates at historic lows, this may be the perfect time to do what we and our families have always dreamt of doing – buying that second home. Let’s look at the numbers.

Back in 2006 we may have seen the ‘perfect’ home but the $500,000 price tag was just out of reach. Today, we could probably get that home for $400,000 (if not less). We also would be financing it at the current mortgage rate instead of the rates available six years ago. The table below shows the difference in impact on our family’s finances:


Not every family is in the financial position to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities the current real estate market offers. But, if yours is, this may be the time for dreams to come true. To View 100’s of Connecticut Waterfront Homes Go To


frost-valley-ymca-boating-kids-42You already decided to be on the water…but which part of lake should you be on? Believe it or not, your lakefront experience can vary from one house to the other. Besides the home’s orientation, there are other factors that will impact your decision:

Coves;  Coves can be that quiet retreat you have been looking for but depending on the wind direction, coves can be a catch all for floating weeds.

Open Lake Areas;  Can provide very dramatic views but wind and faster boat movements may cause more wave action than you want for swimming and motion on your dock, you might even want or need a boat lift, to protect you boat

Depth of water;  Shallow water may not provide the recreational activities you desire.

Make-up of bottom;   Gravel, muck, sand, weeds…know the impact this will have on your lifestyle.

Dock restrictions; Check with us, the local authority or neighbors for permit requirements and restrictions.

Non-native plants; Concentrations in front of your home will impact your enjoyment.

Boat traffic patterns; Understand frequency and distance from the home.

Buying in the Winter;  Be aware of the time of year you are buying the home because lakes change tremendously throughout the year.  Your swimming area may look fine in early spring, but then by midsummer it is filled with nuisance weeds.  Be sure to talk through all this with us, the local authority, Town Offices, and/or the neighbors until you are completely satisfied.

Lake View ; Lots of folks ask for a waterfront with western view’s and they can be just beautiful but the western view can be rather hot in the summer and sometimes almost blinding from the reflection off the water, when you are out enjoying your waterfront patio or dock area.

Can You Make Changes; Can you change landscaping, can you expand the dock, can you construct a waterfront gazebo, can you add a swim float, how many watercraft can I have, can you create a sandy beach, can you expand the size of the house…. All good things to know before you buy

Lake Associations;  lake living is just wonderful and Lake Associations can add dramatically to your lake living life style with amenities like, tennis, clubhouse’s, adult and children’s social activities, beaches, marinas, pools and a general ambiance of waterfront character.



Lake Quassapaug…. Middlebury

by admin on December 27, 2013


If you are from outside of Connecticut, you probably don’t know about Lake Quassapaug. The 300 acre gem of a lake, started as a popular tourist destination in the early 1900’s when a trolley line and small amusement area was built to serve as a country lake summer retreat for the residents of Waterbury. Today it’s enjoyed by families from near and far. The amusement park “Quassy Amusement Park” has developed into a lovely and affordable family amusement park. The Sailing Center , Sportsmen Club and Sandy Beach Club are all well worth checking out for private membership. If you want to live on this lake, you need a some patience as typically only a few homes a year are for sale. click here for phot tour of Lake Quassapaug



One of the most common questions waterfront home buyers have for real estate agents is “how’s the market” or possibly how much did a certain home sell for. To best answer, we try to give facts rather than general statements. So let’s talk about Candlewood Lake, because every year Candlewood has enough sales to begin to see a pattern and establish meaningful statistics like average sale prices. We have always felt that Candlewood was a good weathervane for understanding prices in general. So here some facts regarding Candlewood Lake.

click here for Candlewood lake sold information with pictures

  1. In recent years, 2014 was the low point in the market
  2. Since 2014 buyers are more likely to offer less than asking price
  3. Since 2009 sellers are more likely to accept less than asking price and agree to concessions relating to building inspection issues
  4. Sales are more complicated with waterfront legal issues (docks, patios, trees, landscaping, boat size etc)