The Sound

Old Saybrook…. Long Island Sound

by admin on November 16, 2013


Old Saybrook is very special little New England town because it has beautiful beachfront along Long Island sound and lots of riverfront on the Connecticut River. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised at the many opportunities to explore on Old Saybrook’s charming downtown Main Street Relax, take a walk, stop and talk to the local merchants, from the art, to the retail shops, the eclectic mix of eateries, and the possibilities inherent in browsing through antique shops, Main Street has come a long way in its’ 375 year history. Feel free to stop and “test drive” a golf club, paddle a kayak, taste a piece of homemade fudge, place that special piece of jewelry on your wish list, or indulge in a new outfit. But don’t be surprised by the personal service, knowledgeable sales staff, and attention to detail which is the hallmark of the independently owned business.  click here for Old Saybrook photo tour

Join our community and the Main Street businesses in our twice yearly “Strolls”, the Chamber of Commerce sponsored Art Show and it’s annual “bring on the antacids” Chili fest and don’t miss the Concerts on the Green every Wednesday night during the summer. Old Saybrook things to do click here


Stratford Harbor

by admin on March 10, 2013

Stratford Harbor   click here to view ptoto tour  From the mouth of the Housatonic River in Stratford to Derby is about a 12 mile cruise and can be done in a yacht or a kayak. Once you pass the breakwater and get into the large open harbor, you are well protected from wind and waves and you have many choices of marinas and waterfront restaurants to enjoy.  If you have a larger boat you do have to deal with the route 1 drawbridge and the railroad drawbridge but that’s just part of most any river cruise. If you visit the river in the fall, you just might be able to catch River Lights , another lovely diversion is a visit to Great Meadows Marsh Park  or if you are more interested in beaches, then its off to Long Beach  When its time to eat, you might want to enjoy waterfront dining at Outriggers or maybe the beachfront Roadway Inn  or possibly Assaggio Ristorante  The list of marina’s is a bit long but here we go Brewers , Marina At The Dock , Browns Boat Works , Housatonic Marina , Pauls Diesel Service , Pootatuck Yacht Club and Knapps Landing at the mouth of the river. If you happen to be around the river, on Memorial Day, you really should catch the air show at the Sikorsky Airfield.


Black Rock Harbor……Long Island Sound

by admin on November 29, 2012

A lot of folks think of Bridgeport harbor as the big harbor with the power plant, ferry pier and other commercial harbor amenities but just a little way west of the big commercial harbor is beautiful Black Rock harbor, come take a look, stroll down the seaside walk at Saint Mary’s By The Sea, get invited to lunch at the Black Rock Yacht Club or maybe it’s off to all the fun at  Captain’s Cove with it’s marina, restaurant and boardwalk shops or maybe you just want to cruise down the harbor past the many beautiful waterfront homes and scenic Fayeweather lighthouse. click here for photo tour


Norwalk Harbor….Long Island Sound

by admin on November 26, 2012

Thousands of people come to visit the Norwalk In-water Boat Show but don’t even know about the Oyster Festival , even more come to see the Maritime Aquarium but, how sad they don’t take the Harbor Cruise and visit to Sheffield Lighthouse. I can only guess how many more thousands come to visit the waterfront downtown of SoNo, to eat at Harbor Lights , SoNo Seafood or The Brewhouse or just wander around the downtown harbor front. The outer harbor is mostly residential with beautiful waterfront homes, overlooking the harbor and Norwalk islands but also include Cove Marina and Calf Pasture Park and Beach For more information about Norwalk try viewing the Norwalk Parks Video or our Photo Tour


Noank Village…. Long Island Sound

by admin on November 8, 2012

Noank Village  is a two square mile peninsula overlooking Fishers Island Sound. Once a center for fishing and ship building, Noank retains much of it’s Colonial charm from the seventeen and eighteen hundreds. Today residents and visitors from all over the world enjoy Noanks beautiful scenery, restaurants, marinas and classic New England charm. It’s only a few minutes west of Mystic, come and visit. Check out Abbotts Lobster House  Costellos Clam Shack  and Seahorse Restaurant


Norwalk, Connecticut….The Harbor

by admin on October 29, 2012


Norwalk harbor is a wonderful blend of hustle and bustle cityscape and private residential areas. The old harborfront downtown of SoNo (South Norwalk) is an especially fun area to visit. The harbor front includes shops and restaurants like SoNo Seafood and the SoNo Brewhouse and the world class Maritime Aquarium, everything is just a short walk, even the train station. You might want to walk over to the Seaport Association Dock at the Aquarium and take the ferry for the harbor tour and clambake on Sheffield Island. I have included here a photo tour of the area, which includes SoNo, the beautiful residential areas of Wilson Point, Canfield and Belle Island. Also of interest, check out the video’s of Calf Pasture Beach , Norwalk Parks and a message from the mayor


Enders Island….Long Island Sound

by admin on April 23, 2012

A short drive from downtown Mystic to Mason Island Island Road, then accross the causeway onto Mason’s Island and turn left then continue along the waterfront until you turn left onto Yacht Club Road then accross another causeway onto beautiful Enders Island   Break away from the bustle of your daily life and draw closer to God during a week of prayer, reflection and the peace-filled settings of Enders Island Whether you are going to Enders for a retreat or just to walk around the gardens, you should find your visit most enjoyable.


Stonington Harbor….Long Island Sound

by admin on January 31, 2012

To my way of thinking Stonington is at the top of the list of most beautiful harbors on Long Island Sound. The old borough harbor front section of town, is trully a classic New England seaside village, with beautiful colonial period homes and store fronts that provide ample opportunity for unique shopping and dining along the narrow tree lined streets and waterfront vista’s Just park your car or dock your boat as everything is a short walk away.


Southport Harbor….Long Island Sound

by admin on January 27, 2012

Southport Harbor in many respects, is like steeping back in time, as you travel along the harbor front, you are gently immersed in the beauty of the stately period homes along Harbor Road and the grand old Pequot Yacht Club This is a harbor with lots of sailboats and if you are there at regatta time, you might want to spend a little extra time just watching to boats come and go. If you are coming by boat, you should pay close attention to your chart, as the harbor entrance and channel are rather narrow. click here for photo tour of Southport Harbor


Pine Creek and Fairfield Beach….Fairfield

by admin on January 6, 2012

Where else but Fairfield Beach, on Long Island Sound, can you find a beach house that has both a beautiful beach and a dock for your boat. The western section of Fairfield Beach Road travel’s along a long peninsular with Penfield Beach on one side and Pine Creek on the other, so that many waterfront homes have double waterfront…a beautiful crescent beach with views of Penfield lighthouse and a dock on Pine Creek. If you would like to spend a few days in the area you might try the Inn At Fairfield Beach             click here for photo tour of area