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Brian Corson…. waterfront specialist helping waterfront buyers and sellers for over 30 years all over Connecticut


Waterfront homes are unique, your home is unique… and it takes a focused marketing approach to attract & educate the best buyers from a nation-wide audience.

So why would you trust your most important investment to a generalist? Most Real Estate agents sell every type of property they can get their hands on…and there’s nothing wrong with that. But waterfront homes are unique. The buyers that buy them are unique. So it just makes sense to have an agent that walks the walk.

Here’s some things to look for when searching for a lakefront specialty agent to sell your property:

  • I always tell sellers to ask the following question as soon as the agent walks in the door: “Sell me on my lake right now”. If they don’t completely blow you away with their waterfront knowledge, you’ve got the wrong agent in your house. You’ll save an hour of your time! It’s worth repeating…Buyers are buying the waterfront, not the house!
  • Most sellers will ask “How many waterfront homes have you sold over the last 12 months?”  And although that’s a good question (and be sure to get an answer), what you really should be asking is: “How many waterfront buyers are you working with RIGHT NOW that qualify for my home?” Because if their entire marketing plan is to put it on MLS and hope that another agency sells it, that’s not a marketing plan.
  • Do they know what it takes to prepare your waterfront home for sale Buyers have very specific needs…they are buying a lifestyle, not just a home. So be sure they know how to stage your home to highlight the lifestyle the buyer will be living.
  • Ask them how they will be setting the sales price. Two things happen when you get a market analysis from a “generalist” agent. They either price it like it’s not on the water (because that’s all they know); or they price it way too high because they don’t understand the value the waterfront brings. Be sure they understand the #1 way to correctly value your lakefront property.
  • Do they understand waterfront use permits, boats, water sports, water quality issues, boat size requirements, septic system issues around the water, shoreline management plans, waterfront community association requirements and amenities, waterfront zoning issues, waterfront building permit requirements etc etc

You only get one chance at this…never leave money on the table. Give yourself the best chance at maximum value, hire a lakefront specialist!  Give me a call today at 203-426-2721


Things To Do…. Visit Kent Falls

by admin on April 30, 2013

Kent Falls, is located in the northeastern section of beautiful Kent. The park is best known for it’s series of waterfalls on a mountain stream known as Falls Brook. The stream begins in the town of Warren, draining an area of  about seven square miles. It then flows west to the big fall where it plunges approximately 70 feet in a dramatic cascade. From here the stream descends in a series of lesser falls and cascades to the valley, where it enters the Housatonic River some 200 feet below the brink of the big fall only a quarter mile away.

The park began in 1919 with the gift of 200 acres by the White Memorial Foundation. Other parcels were donated or purchased over the years and now includes  295 acres . The area was developed in the 1930′s by the Civil Works Administration. In the mid nineteen-seventies, considerable trail reconstruction was done by the Youth Conservation Corps of Connecticut. The covered bridge is an authentic reproduction built in 1974 by a park employee, Edmund Palmer.

The flow in the cascade at Kent is normally heaviest in the spring when the winter snow is melting. However, the falls can be dramatic at any time of the year, particularly after substantial rainstorms. Fall foliage season is also an excellent time to enjoy the area. Because of its exceptional scenic qualities, Kent Falls has been featured in a number of magazine and television advertisements.

I really can’t remember how many times we have visited Kent Falls over the years, as it has always been a favorite stop to take family and friends that are visiting Connecticut. I hope you enjoy your visit as much as we always do.

Video Tour of Kent Falls State Park         Another Kent Falls Video


Welcome To CT Waterfront Life!

by admin on September 7, 2011

Welcome To CT Waterfront Life! I bet you are wondering what we are all about. We are a group of people who love the waterfront life. Not just any waterfront life, Connecticut waterfront life! This blog was made with the intention of sharing our knowledge of Connecticut waterfront living, from the the best restaurants to the best fishing spots. So stay tuned to learn all about everything that CT waterfront has to offer!