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American Pie and Candlewood Lake

by admin on July 6, 2014

American PieHere’s the dream and I think it can be done…. let’s say you are out on the lake cruising and you decide  you want to enjoy a nice lunch, something more than the usual boat picnic food. What better place than  American Pie in Sherman, so how do you get there by boat… cruise into Sherman harbor and beg or borrow a slip by the town park (yeah yeah I know that could be a problem) once you find a spot for your boat just ask around for the location of the nature trail and now comes the adventure part, you follow the nature trail to the little shopping center where American Pie is located. We have yet to try this adventure, so if any of our readers have, do let us know. We have ventured into Sherman harbor many times and it’s just lovely. We have also enjoyed many wonderful breakfasts and lunches at American Pie, well worth a trip, just ask any of the locals.


The Crab Shell at  46 Southfield Ave, on the boardwalk at Marina At Stamford Landing

I think it’s time to challenge the rest of New England to a seafood restaurant cook off and this waterfront spot could be one of the winners. No more trips to the Cape or Bar Harbor, just take a ride to Stamford harbor and sit back and enjoy the view, a cool one, a lobster roll and the music.

 What people say;

 3/18/2013 I am a newbie to Stamford but The Crab Shell’s reputation has preceded my relocation to the area.  My Westchester friends had been going there for years and I even experienced it a couple of times before I moved from NYC.  It used to be THE Sunday place to hang in the sun on the outside deck, drink margaritas and forget about your problems.  Since I moved here, it has changed but I still enjoy the free, fun, easygoing atmosphere and the food is still very good.  Lobster bisque is one of the best I’ve had and seafood has always been good.  In the summer, the live bands from Thurs. through Sunday night are a great free added highlight and nothing’s better than dancing on the deck until closing time.  Alot of Long Islanders from the north shore pull up on their boats and enjoy the scene as well.  I believe Thursdays the big happy hour night now but thurs. through Sun. still rocks depending on the weather of course.

 1/9/2013 My favorite outdoor spot in Stamford for the summer, by the water & with the freshest most delicious fish dishes. Fabulous atmosphere to enjoy some mai tais and fun in the sun – freshly (properly) shucked Bluepoints with fresh horseradish. Creamy lobster bisque, not too peppery with lovely hunks of meat. My favorite thing on the menu is the CT lobster roll without mayo – great buttered roll, naked lobster with some spice and drawn butter – perfect for splitting with your beau. Can’t wait for summer …



Dockside Grill….. Branford Harbor

by admin on March 9, 2013

I forgot the Dockside Grill in Branford is only open during the summer so I have to rely on a few reviews from web postings, sounds good and it certainly is in a nice spot.

7/20/12 “We walked in and were seated right away, probably because it was after the Easter lunch rush had already passed. It’s a really clean and brightly lit place, and there’s an outdoor seating area that overlooks the harbor. We were presented with special Easter menus, and of course the lobster risotto immediately caught my attention. Our server was really nice and the food came quickly. The lobster risotto, which consisted of huge chunks of meat on a creamy bed of risotto, was such a pleasant end to a day that had started out badly. Also, the house made Maryland crab cakes we ordered were perfectly seasoned and not the least bit fishy. Afterwards, we walked over to the docks to admire people’s yachts and boats and take pictures of the lovely view. Great meal, great service, and remarkably reasonable prices for fresh seafood.”

 4/13/11 “My friend and local native of Branford took me to this place last Saturday. Situated right by the shoreline on Long Island sound, this place has a very friendly vibe and a great view of the water. The portions here are ginormous! I started off with their New England Clam Chowder. Really smooth and definitely lots of clam meat inside. After the chowdery goodness, I got a huge platter of fried cod, fried scallops, fried calamari, and fried shrimp. AMAZING. Like all seafood, it comes with cocktail and tartar sauce.The service is really friendly! I would definitely come here again. If the weather permits, sit outside on the patio.”


Guilforrd Mooring….restaurant on the Sound

by admin on December 9, 2012

We were in this area recently,  but did not have a chance to eat at this restaurant, the location on the harbor front is just great, we did find a patron review, which is below, possibly some of our readers have been here and can comment.  Guilford Mooring Website click here

“This is our family’s event restaurant. Birthdays, anniversary, girls night out. It is always a good experience. Views of the Guilford Harbor, live music, and excellent food, just make this place more special. We can’t wait for it to reopen after sustaining damage from the hurricane!!”


Beach House Restaurant….Milford

by admin on November 11, 2012

Beach House Restaurant Milford

Its across the street from the water but still we felt it was close enough to the water to be called waterfront dining and besides so many folks just love this wonderful eatery we just had to include it. Checkout the reviews below…hope you enjoy.

“I LOVE THIS RESTAURANT!  The Beach House is Milford’s best kept secret… or maybe it’s not a secret since I’ve recently moved to Milford, but regardless this place is AMAZING.  I had the most delicious and incredibly entertaining dinner last night.  Karen is a fantastic server.  She was attentive, knowledgeable, hilarious and turned our dinner into a cabaret show.  I may of professed my love to her at the end of the night.”

“The Beach House menu is extensive and they offer an unbeatable $30 prix fixe that includes a starter, entree and dessert.  The littleneck chowder is among the best chowder I’ve ever had.  The raw bar is so fresh and delicious.  This place will not disappoint!  Check it out.  Tonight even.  You know you want to…”

“This place has been open for 6 yrs now and am kicking myself….why I haven’t found this gem sooooner? 1st of all service is “Trump-like”, our waitress, Karen, ROCKS! The most engaging and attentive waitstaff person ever. Her knowledge of the menu and its working are unsurpassed. We started with the grilled octopus in a cucumber riata and a harissa vignette which was fresh and flavorful. (if not lonely, only 1) a bit disappointed (only in the qty, not the flavor) for $11.00. My wife had the Maine Lobster gnocchi which was to die for and a bargain at $14.00. For our meal we chose the Pancetta roasted scallops over a lobster risotto and crispy parsnips @ $28.00 and my wife tried the Sea Bass topped with buttered lobster pieces priced at $27.00. Both were excellent. We both had cappuccinos and split a chocolate bread pudding with a banana foster gelato. This had to be the best overall meal that I have had in 10 years!!!! I want to try the Sunday Brunch next. I cannot wait. A+”



waterfront retaurant

Our family recently spent a few hours checking out this new Madison beach hotel and it looks like we need to return. We arrived at about 3:30 in the afternoon, so it really was the wrong time to try the diningroom but it certainly looks like a lovely spot to enjoy a meal. The beach is especially nice and we do suggest the veranda for drinks and chill time. If you want more details check out the hotels website at http://www.madisonbeachhotel.com/


Down The Hatch….Candlewood Lake

by admin on February 23, 2012

It’s getting late on the lake and everybody aboard is starting to feel hungry, we all vote and it’s unanimous, we pull the anchor and head off to Down The Hatch , as we approach the docks we realize it might be a long wait but just as we idle along the inside row of slips, someone starts to untie and waves us into a nice slip near the waterfront dining area. The band is rather loud and the bar is a bit rowdy but still we are all most happy to be among all the activity. We are all surprised to get a table immediately and everybody knows what they want so the burgers, fries, fried clams, turkey wrap and pitcher of cool beer all arrive with-in about 15 minutes. Wow what a lovely evening, good food, great company and beautiful water views, as we walk back to the boat the sunset is the perfect ending for another day on Candlewood


I want to be careful not to over praise Skippers Dock yet I keep remembering how many times we have enjoyed this wonderful spot. I can’t think of a waterfront restaurant that has such a combination of good food and a dramatically beautiful setting at the end of a pier, be it the charming dining room or the outdoor waterfront patio/deck.

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Weiners On Water….The Connecticut River

by admin on January 14, 2012

Today you are on a mission, a mission to find the fabled Wow Weiners on Water . You’ve heard stories around the marina but you’ve never actually been there, so today is the day, you uncover the boat and head up river to East Haddam As soon as you arrive near the East Haddam bridge you can see a large pontoon boat flying an American flag and as you get closer, you can see that you have found your destination. Now this is waterfront dining, a mouth watering hot dog with the works, a cold soda and a beautiful view of the Connecticut River


Seaview Snack Bar….Mystic

by admin on January 2, 2012

As you are seated on one of the waterfront picnic tables, at the Seaview in Mystic , you may look up from your fried clams and notice the line waiting to be served is even longer than it was for you but then as you take your next bite you agree the wait was well worth it. What a beautiful day, a little breeze off the water, boats coming and going, the sun sparlking off the Mystic River and you and your family enjoying some good old-fashioned New England seafood…life is great check out the Seaview’s video

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