Waterfront Homes….. The Mosquito Myth

by admin on February 15, 2014

The Mosquito Myth….. mosquito.jpgThis questions asked quite often: Aren’t lakes and waterfront homes in general, a breeding ground for mosquitoes? Let’s clear up some facts… There are four stages in the life cycle of a mosquito: egg, larva, and pupae must have standing water to complete their development.  The type of standing water, however, varies greatly. Some species prefer to develop in permanent water sources such as marshes, waste lagoons, and catch basins. Other species prefer the water that collects in tree holes, tires, cans, or other artificial containers.  Still others develop; in temporary pools of rainwater. The water source must be “stagnant” and protected from the wind.

Most lakes and waterfront areas in general we are referencing today would not be able to support mosquito life. Also, on any decent sized body of water, there is almost always a breeze coming off the water that helps keep mosquitoes away. You will certainly still have mosquitoes, but you will have less than your neighbor across the street whose house is tucked in the woods. Our favorite example is Candlewood Lake and the bottom line is, we have never, in 25+ years on and around the lake, been bitten by one of those pesky bugs. Pretty much the same story for Lillinonah, Zoar, Bantam etc and the shore line of Long Island Sound most always has a nice breeze, so bye, bye Mr and Mrs Mosquito.



Candlewood Lake Cottage

When the economy was exploding in the early 2000s, many of us began to dream about purchasing that vacation home on the water or securing a home in a more appropriate location for our retirement years. However, with the booming economy came skyrocketing house prices. Many of the homes we fell in love with quickly became out of reach financially. Perhaps we should take a second look at these same homes today.

With prices dropping by over 30% in some markets and with interest rates at historic lows, this may be the perfect time to do what we and our families have always dreamt of doing – buying that second home. Let’s look at the numbers.

Back in 2006 we may have seen the ‘perfect’ home but the $500,000 price tag was just out of reach. Today, we could probably get that home for $400,000 (if not less). We also would be financing it at the current mortgage rate instead of the rates available six years ago. The table below shows the difference in impact on our family’s finances:


Not every family is in the financial position to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities the current real estate market offers. But, if yours is, this may be the time for dreams to come true. To View 100’s of Connecticut Waterfront Homes Go To http://advancedwaterfront.com/


frost-valley-ymca-boating-kids-42You already decided to be on the water…but which part of lake should you be on? Believe it or not, your lakefront experience can vary from one house to the other. Besides the home’s orientation, there are other factors that will impact your decision:

Coves;  Coves can be that quiet retreat you have been looking for but depending on the wind direction, coves can be a catch all for floating weeds.

Open Lake Areas;  Can provide very dramatic views but wind and faster boat movements may cause more wave action than you want for swimming and motion on your dock, you might even want or need a boat lift, to protect you boat

Depth of water;  Shallow water may not provide the recreational activities you desire.

Make-up of bottom;   Gravel, muck, sand, weeds…know the impact this will have on your lifestyle.

Dock restrictions; Check with us, the local authority or neighbors for permit requirements and restrictions.

Non-native plants; Concentrations in front of your home will impact your enjoyment.

Boat traffic patterns; Understand frequency and distance from the home.

Buying in the Winter;  Be aware of the time of year you are buying the home because lakes change tremendously throughout the year.  Your swimming area may look fine in early spring, but then by midsummer it is filled with nuisance weeds.  Be sure to talk through all this with us, the local authority, Town Offices, and/or the neighbors until you are completely satisfied.

Lake View ; Lots of folks ask for a waterfront with western view’s and they can be just beautiful but the western view can be rather hot in the summer and sometimes almost blinding from the reflection off the water, when you are out enjoying your waterfront patio or dock area.

Can You Make Changes; Can you change landscaping, can you expand the dock, can you construct a waterfront gazebo, can you add a swim float, how many watercraft can I have, can you create a sandy beach, can you expand the size of the house…. All good things to know before you buy

Lake Associations;  lake living is just wonderful and Lake Associations can add dramatically to your lake living life style with amenities like, tennis, clubhouse’s, adult and children’s social activities, beaches, marinas, pools and a general ambiance of waterfront character.



Connecticut Lakes Ice Fishing

by admin on February 10, 2014

Candlewood Ice Fishing

During the long winter months, many anglers hole up in front the fireplace or at their fly tying bench, dreaming of warm days with full stringers of trout or live wells brimming with bass.  What many of these anglers are missing out on is some of the best action of the year; ice fishing. In the winter the fish are more predictable and are hungry, seizing the opportunity to grab a well placed shiner or jig.  While the thought of fishing, “hard water,” conjures up images of swirling snow, driving winds and  frostbite, anglers can still have a very comfortable, enjoyable and productive day of fishing on many of Connecticut’ frozen lakes, such as Candlewood, Bantam or Lillinonah.

As with any sport, safety is always a priority and with a little preparation and common sense, ice fishing can be safer than driving to work.   It’s also a family friendly sport with minimal investment in equipment required and plenty of action to keep kids interested.

When ice fishing, safety should always be priority number one.  Just like any other outdoor activity ice fishing has its inherent dangers, but by using a little common sense and being prepared for an emergency, you can make any day a great day on the ice.

See entire original article and photos HERE.


Candlewood Lake Waterfront… $439,000

by admin on February 2, 2014

Candlewood Lake $439,000

This quaint lake house, with western facing views, is the quintessential lakeside cottage. The home boasts three patio spaces, two right on the water and one that includes an outside stone fireplace and an expansive deck. The main level entryway opens to the kitchen, which leads into a den and an enclosed sun porch that runs the width of the house and provides lovely views of the lake. Additionally there two bedrooms that open from either side of the den. The lower level includes finished space, bathroom, and walkout to a large deck that is surely to be a focal point of your outdoor living space on the lake . The property is completely landscaped and requires minimal maintenance. Come dock your boat and make this place your own.                                                     

Map It    Virtual Tour   Candlewood Lake Photo Tour


Connecticut boating

Sometimes you just want a smaller and simpler entry level boat for some fun fishing and a ride around your favorite Connecticut lake and this Crestliner is a great choice to consider. Take a look at the video and you just might agree.


Lake Quassapaug…. Middlebury

by admin on December 27, 2013


If you are from outside of Connecticut, you probably don’t know about Lake Quassapaug. The 300 acre gem of a lake, started as a popular tourist destination in the early 1900’s when a trolley line and small amusement area was built to serve as a country lake summer retreat for the residents of Waterbury. Today it’s enjoyed by families from near and far. The amusement park “Quassy Amusement Park” has developed into a lovely and affordable family amusement park. The Sailing Center , Sportsmen Club and Sandy Beach Club are all well worth checking out for private membership. If you want to live on this lake, you need a some patience as typically only a few homes a year are for sale. click here for phot tour of Lake Quassapaug


Visit Connecticut for a few days

by admin on December 20, 2013

As your interest in Connecticut increases, you might want to come for a visit and even stay for a few days. I have listed below some interesting places to stay other than the typical hotel or motel.

Check Out These Places Too Stay For A Visit To The Lakes Region Of Western Connecticut Including…CandlewoodLake, LakeLillinonah, LakeWaramaug, BantamLake, LakeZoar and more2013-12-19_162404

New Milford; stay at the Heritage Inn  Heritage website for about $100.00 including breakfast. Walk to the lovely town green and downtown area restaurants. About 15 minutes to CandlewoodLake or Lillinonah.





Woodbury, stay at a truly classic New England Inn Inn website many rooms in this charming Inn are less than $90.00. Stroll down historic Main Street down with many buildings and homes built in the 1700 and early 1800’s. Woodbury also has many interesting restaurants and a large concentration of antique stores. It is an extra 10 minutes or so to get to the lakes.

Check Out These Places Too Stay For A Visit To The Connecticut River Region And The Eastern Shore Area Of  Connecticut

2013-12-19_162515East Haddam, stay at the Gelston House Gelston website what an amazing spot to relax and recharge and then travel around the area to see the beautiful Connecticut River, try and stay for the Sunday brunch


Essex, stay at the Griswold Inn Griswold website wonderful place to eat and stay, stroll around historic old Essex, the marinas and the river front park a most pleasant place to hang around for several days.

2013-12-19_162544Old Saybrook, stay at the Saybrook Inn & Spa Saybrook Inn website  sited at the mouth of the Connecticut River this luxury resort marina really is a special place to visit

2013-12-19_162557Niantic, stay at the Harbor Hill Inn Harbor Hill website enjoy commanding views of beautiful Niantic harbor and a great to begin looking around the eastern shore on Connecticut

 2013-12-19_162614Stonington, stay at the Inn At Stonington, Inn website Stonington harbor is one of the most beautiful harbors in New England, wander around the old village dine in one of the waterfront restaurants or just sit back and enjoy the view







Retro Glastron “Bond” boat

by admin on December 11, 2013


Retro Glastron

First we had retro cars now it’s time for retro boats and this Glastron could well be that very special boat that so many of us dream about. It seems to be a very happy blend of James Bond style with some contemporary features. I thought Glastron did an especially nice job with the paint job, a blend of different without being over the edge.  click here for boat test


Candlewood New Waterfront Home

by admin on November 28, 2013

Candlewood Lake Waterfront

Tucked away is this custom design new waterfront home, luxurious gem. The home has three ensuite bedrooms, each more luxurious then the next. Master features large closets & double sinks, riverstone flooring as well as a sitting room and sweeping western views of the lake. The kitchen features 9′ cabinets, granite, stainless steel, & breakfast bar. Seamless flow from the kitchen to living room with fireplace & floor-to-ceiling walls of glass. The home also features an all season sun room, a grilling patio, 2 decks, a very large cabana, boat dock, jet ski dock, views of protected land, western exposure, and its ideal location allows you to enjoy a serene marina view, protected, no wake zone atmosphere year-round. LOW TAXES! Welcome home!  click here for details and photo tour